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Words Of Wisdom
==>When you are righteous you become precious.
==>What you think of life is the meaning of life.
==>Life is like a ball games, it can toss you in the field of destiny.
==>Being in faith and being in church are two different things.
==>If you live without life, life will live without you.
==>When you are great you become greater among the greatest.
==>Do you no what; don't talk because you saw peolpe talking.
==>If nobody praises you praise yourself.
==>It is bad to commit something in the hands of somebody who has never failed.
==>If you can imagine it, you can become it.
==>No one can stop you of what you want to become in life except you.
==>When you don't appreciate, you would depreciate.
==>Be active and not passive.
==>Don't base your action on assumption.
==>The less people you have the more developed you are.
==>Light tomorrow with today.
==>Fake friendship, may lead to an end-ship
==>Success don't come to you, you get it.
==>It is the brutally out spoken man that earns enmity.
==>Your ability to resist temptation is a step to your redemption.
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