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1. What are the component of blood called?
2. The excretory product in protozoans is called?
3. The inferior ovary of a flower is situated at were?
4. The largest internal organ of the body is called?
5. The formula for oxygen is called?
6. The formula for carbon (iv) oxide is called?
7. The diseases that can be inherited is called?
8. The central nervous system is made up of what?
9. The disease of the kidney cause by dirty water is called?
10. The largest part of the mammalian brain is called?
11. The smallest unit of living organism is called?
12. What is the scientific name for maize called?
13. The mode of nutrition in tapeworm is called?
14. The largest planet in the earth is called?
15. Sahel savanna habitats can be found in where?
16. What is the formula for water called?
17. The scientific name for human being is called?
18. The study of animal in biology is called?
19. A.T.P in biology stands for what?
20. The smallest planet in the earth is called?
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